Strategic HR With a Bottom-line ROI

A Win/Win HR Strategy to Meet Employee Needs and Reduce Employer Costs

If you're looking for strategic staffing or outplacement solutions that can improve your bottom-line, we have good news. We've got cloud-based solutions that are comprehensive, yet affordable. Outplacement and staffing solutions start at under $50/mo.

Outplacement isn't just for layoffs any more. It's no longer an expensive and episodic benefit for the few. Thanks to new technology and payment models, outplacement can round out HR's portfolio of core services and provide substantial bottom-line savings.

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For those in the staffing and recruiting industry, we know you've encountered situations where an otherwise qualified applicant didn't get selected due to poor interview skills. It's a costly and time-consuming situation. Our job interview coach solution addresses this issue. It's cloud-based for fast and easy 24/7 support of your job candidates. You can combine it with our outplacement solution to give you full-cycle engagement with your clients.

Our subscription option gives you ultimate control over user coverage. For example, the outplacement-by-subscription option is structured just like other employee benefits. For a small fee per employee per month (PEPM), employers get on-demand (SaaS) outplacement that can cover all separating employees, regardless of reason for separation.

For less than traditional firms charge for just a few employees, you can cover 100% of your separated employees. The savings in unemployment compensation cost can be substantial. Check out our unemployment compensation savings calculator to see what we mean.

Also Available through Benefit Brokers, HROs, PEOs, Staffing Firms and More

Already have a trusted HR partner (benefit broker, Professional Employer Organization (PEO), HRO, HR consultant, staffing company)? No problem. We can work through your existing HR partner or put you in touch with a full-service vendor.


Strategic HR Made Easy

Enhancing Your Value Proposition



Get bottom-line savings and expand your HR portfolio. It's easier than you may think.

The new outplacement gives HR an innovative strategic value proposition that improves service and saves money.

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HR Service Providers

If you’re a benefit broker, PEO, HRO, or ASO, outplacement can boost revenue and provide net savings to your customers.

Improve customer acquisition/retention with custom, branded, and subscription options.

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Staffing Companies

See why all of the world’s largest staffing companies use outplacement to fuel customer acquisition and retention.

Then improve your placement stats with our brandable Interview Trainer app.

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Have a unique need or market focus? Check out our targeted solutions.

  • Seasonal Employees or Short-Term Staffing
  • Military Transition to Civilian Workforce
  • Unemployment Compensation Mitigation
  • Custom, Branded, and "White Label" Options
  • Self- and Full-Service Solutions
  • Custom Client-Specific Website and URL
  • Subscription Model for PEPM and Per Group
  • Self-Administration for Real-Time Control
  • Risk Management Program Augmentation
  • Association Membership or SSO Benefit
  • COBRA Support and Augmentation
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Outplacement Models and their Relative Cost

Benefits of the Subscription Model

  • ROI
  • Employers
  • Employees
  • Brokers/HROs/PEOs/Staffing

ROI Considerations:  Unemployment compensation cost savings can result in measurable net savings. Other ROI savings are equally important.  Learn more ...

  • Best unemployment (SUI) savings
  • Optimal mitigation of legal risk
  • Morale among remaining staff
  • Improved retention of surviving staff
  • Protection of the employer brand
  • Productivity of remaining staff
  • Investor/Customer goodwill
  • Enhanced future talent acquisition
  • 100% coverage for optimal outcomes
  • Best for future sales and marketing

How Employers Benefit:  It's socially responsible outplacement for the masses. It's structured like other benefits to spread risk and dramatically cut cost.

  • Covers 100% of the workforce
  • Uses familiar PEPM payment model
  • Easier to manage staff issues
  • Demonstrates social responsibility
  • Facilitates proactive HR planning
  • Easy and predictable budgeting
  • Can also buy through broker, HRO or PEO
  • Available on-demand, as needed
  • Eases management burden
  • Integration with your benefits program

How Employees Benefit:  Being unemployed can be devastating. Helping people get reemployed and avoid financial trauma is the right thing to do.

  • Provides needed tools and support
  • Shorter term of unemployment
  • Helps them focus on the future
  • Enhanced attitudes in social media
  • Retain goodwill for reemployment
  • Less financial and emotional burden
  • Supports feelings of self-worth
  • Reduced feelings of hostility
  • Customized to meet their needs
  • Personalized for the best experience

Benefit Brokers, PEOs, HROs, Staffing, Etc:  As HR partners, they offer value-added services, increase revenue, and save their clients a lot of money.  Learn more ...

  • Provide an important new benefit
  • Cut unemployment compensation costs
  • Gain a new source of revenue
  • Reduce their clients' legal risks
  • Boost customer acquisition/retention
  • Gain a competitive advantage
  • Round out the portfolio of HR services
  • Improve ROI value proposition
  • Ease clients' HR management burden
  • Easy integration with other benefits

HR as a Service (HRaaS)

Flexibility and Branding are Built-In

FFS, Per Group, or Per Employee Per Month

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