A Better Outplacement — Part of Your Core Employee Benefits Plan

A Win/Win HR Strategy to Meet Employee Needs and Reduce Employer Costs

Outplacement isn't just for layoffs any more. It's no longer an expensive and episodic benefit for the few. Thanks to new technology and payment models, outplacement can round out HR's portfolio of core services and provide substantial bottom-line savings.

Whether you call it outplacement, new placement, transition services, or some other name, now is a good time to see what the "new outplacement" can do for you.

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For example, the outplacement-by-subscription option is structured just like other employee benefits. For a small fee per employee per month (PEPM), employers get on-demand (SaaS) outplacement that's cloud-based for fast and easy implementation.

For less than traditional firms charge for just a few employees, you can cover 100% of your separated employees. The savings in unemployment compensation cost can be substantial. Check out our unemployment compensation savings calculator to see what we mean.

Also Available through Benefit Brokers, HROs, PEOs, and More

Already have a trusted HR partner? No problem. You have the option of working through your existing benefit broker, Professional Employer Organization (PEO), HRO, HR consultant, staffing company, and the like. They can provide the personalized service, branding, and buying power that are so important to you. We can work through your existing HR partner or put you in touch with a full-service vendor.

Outplacement Models and their Relative Cost

Benefits of the Subscription Model

  • ROI
  • Employers
  • Employees
  • Brokers/HROs/PEOs/Staffing

ROI Considerations:  Unemployment compensation cost savings can result in measurable net savings. Other ROI savings are equally important.  Learn more ...

  • Best unemployment (SUI) savings
  • Optimal mitigation of legal risk
  • Morale among remaining staff
  • Improved retention of surviving staff
  • Protection of the employer brand
  • Productivity of remaining staff
  • Investor/Customer goodwill
  • Enhanced future talent acquisition
  • 100% coverage for optimal outcomes
  • Best for future sales and marketing

How Employers Benefit:  It's socially responsible outplacement for the masses. It's structured like other benefits to spread risk and dramatically cut cost.

  • Covers 100% of the workforce
  • Uses familiar PEPM payment model
  • Easier to manage staff issues
  • Demonstrates social responsibility
  • Facilitates proactive HR planning
  • Easy and predictable budgeting
  • Can also buy through broker, HRO or PEO
  • Available on-demand, as needed
  • Eases management burden
  • Integration with your benefits program

How Employees Benefit:  Being unemployed can be devastating. Helping people get reemployed and avoid financial trauma is the right thing to do.

  • Provides needed tools and support
  • Shorter term of unemployment
  • Helps them focus on the future
  • Enhanced attitudes in social media
  • Retain goodwill for reemployment
  • Less financial and emotional burden
  • Supports feelings of self-worth
  • Reduced feelings of hostility
  • Customized to meet their needs
  • Personalized for the best experience

Benefit Brokers, PEOs, HROs, Staffing, Etc:  As HR partners, they offer value-added services, increase revenue, and save their clients a lot of money.  Learn more ...

  • Provide an important new benefit
  • Cut unemployment compensation costs
  • Gain a new source of revenue
  • Reduce their clients' legal risks
  • Boost customer acquisition/retention
  • Gain a competitive advantage
  • Round out the portfolio of HR services
  • Improve ROI value proposition
  • Ease clients' HR management burden
  • Easy integration with other benefits

User-Focused Content, Branding, Subscription Option, Cost Control, More ...

Adaptive Outplacement Services and Support

Don't Settle for Cookie-Cutter Outplacement Services — Go Adaptive

Adaptive outplacement is like virtual outplacement on steroids. It gives you unprecedented control over your outplacement services, and saves you money too.

Even Better Via Our Subscription Option

Get the ultimate in flexibility and control with our subscription-based outplacement option. Since you pay for service availability instead of per-user fees, there's a flat monthly rate regardless of fluctuations in volume or duration of services.

You get all the great benefits of our adaptive outplacement program, but enjoy the added benefits of lower overall cost, fixed payments for easy budgeting and, total control over adding users. Plus it's set up and ready to go anytime you need it, regardless of reason for separation.

Our Goal and What it Means to You

We've spent the past two years retooling Job Hunter Pro with the goal of bringing top quality outplacement to the masses. New technology, payment and delivery models make outplacement so affordable that it can become a part of every employer's core benefit package. Read More »



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