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Adaptive Design — More Choices, Better Outcomes, Less Cost

Socially Responsible Outplacement that Adapts to Your Needs and Budget

Adaptive outplacement gives you unprecedented control over your outplacement services and costs. You get choices never before offered by an outplacement company, including the option of purchasing our outplacement services on a subscription basis. And because it's cloud-based, implementation is fast and easy.

Outplacement Services Selection Factors

You Decide What's Best for Your Organization

If things like personalization and cost control are important to you, you're going to love what you find here. With our adaptive design, you get amazing flexibility and control ... all at less cost.

Subscription Option — More Flexibility, Less Cost, Easy to Budget

For less than traditional firms charge for just a few employees, you can cover 100% of your separated employees. With our outplacement-by-subscription option, you get on-demand outplacement that gives you substantially more control, flexibility and cost savings than any other option. It's the perfect solution for HR shared services, Professional Employer Organizations (PEO), benefit brokers, and the like.

Subscription-based outplacement gives you benefits that no other outplacement model provides, such as significantly lower unemployment compensation costs. Check out our unemployment compensation calculator to see what we mean.

We provide quotes for per-user and subscription options so you can see the difference.

Outplacement Models and Their Relative Cost

  Traditional "Bricks and Mortar" Model
Outplacement 1.0
  Transitional/Online Model
Outplacement 2.0
  Virtual Model
Outplacement 3.0
  Adaptive Model
Outplacement 4.0
  Adaptive Subscription Model
Outplacement 5.0

Features Users Want

  • Content
  • Coaching
  • Other Features

Quality Content:  Expectations are high when it comes to content. Users want quality content that is comprehensive and personally relevant. They use it as an on-going reference throughout their job search.

  • Current and Relevant Information
  • Timely Access to Job Openings
  • Flexible Learning Options
  • Real-World Knowledge Transfer
  • 24/7 Access on Any Device
  • Personalized Information
  • Interactive Tools and Content
  • Easy-to-Use Interface

Qualified Coaches:  Users want personalized support and advice from experienced coaches. They prefer to choose what gets covered and when. They want to learn lasting job search skills; not have the coach do things for them.

  • Strong HR/Recruiting Backgrounds
  • Easy Process for Requesting Support
  • Timely Access to Coaches
  • Services that are Personalized
  • Teach Lasting Job Search Skills
  • Up-to-Date Job Search Knowledge
  • Tech Savvy on Today's Tools
  • Personable, and Helpful Attitudes

Other Features that Matter:  Outplacement services must be designed to meet a broad range of needs. Users have high expectations regarding content that is relevant to their needs and the availability of personalized support.

  • Dynamic and Engaging Content
  • Modern Internet Design
  • Compatible with All Browsers
  • Tools that Facilitate Learning
  • Social Networking Capabilities
  • Personal Job Search Dashboard
  • Long Term-of-Service Coverage
  • Information and Tool Integration

User-Focused Content, Branding, Subscription Option, Cost Control, More ...

Adaptive Outplacement Services and Support

Don't Settle for Cookie-Cutter Outplacement Services — Go Adaptive

Adaptive outplacement is like virtual outplacement on steroids. It gives you unprecedented control over your outplacement services, and saves you money too.

Even Better Via Our Subscription Option

Get the ultimate in flexibility and control with our subscription-based outplacement option. Since you pay for service availability instead of per-user fees, there's a flat monthly rate regardless of fluctuations in volume or duration of services.

You get all the great benefits of our adaptive outplacement program, but enjoy the added benefits of lower overall cost, fixed payments for easy budgeting and, total control over adding users. Plus it's set up and ready to go anytime you need it, regardless of reason for separation.

Our Goal and What it Means to You

We've spent the past two years retooling Job Hunter Pro with the goal of bringing outplacement to the masses. We wanted to make outplacement so affordable that it will ultimately become a part of every employer's standard employee benefit package.   Read More »


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