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Adaptive Virtual Outplacement and Consulting Support

Virtual outplacement is not the same as "online outplacement." It is much more than that. It encapsulates the best of both online and traditional "bricks and mortar" support for a superior outplacement experience. Participants get 24/7 online access anywhere and on any device, but they also have access to personalized one-on-one or group support from job search and placement experts.

Adaptive outplacement is like virtual outplacement on steroids. It gives you immense flexibility in program design. You even have the option of purchasing our outplacement services on a subscription basis. 

Whether you're a large established organization or a small start-up, Adaptive outplacement can help bolster morale and alleviate challenges faced by employees affected by workforce reductions.

Could your organization benefit by:

  • helping employees impacted by layoffs, reorganizations, the end of temporary or seasonal assignments, etc?

  • improving the morale and goodwill of your past and current employees?

  • generating positive public relations as a socially responsible and employee-focused employer?

  • reducing the duration of your former employees' unemployment?

  • adopting business process outsourcing for HR-related self-service solutions?

  • providing a great employee benefit without incurring added overhead or infrastructure?

Our virtual outplacement solution enhances an organization's ability to serve a broader range of needs and to do so at less cost. It is also a key ingredient in unemployment compensation cost mitigation.

The New World of Outplacement

The world of outplacement has changed forever. Transition services, as it is often called, is no longer a benefit reserved for executive- and professional-level staff. Improvements in technology, the proliferation of mobile devices, growth in social networking, expectations for 24/7 availability and economies of scale have made virtual outplacement the smart choice.

Job Hunter Pro's virtual outplacement is affordable for all levels of employees and does not add to your organization's overhead or infrastructure. Whether fully self-service or coupled with other services, organizations can now meet the outplacement needs of very large numbers of former employees and do so at very little cost.

Job Hunter Pro has developed adaptive outplacement for added control over content, services and cost. Adaptive outplacement is like virtual outplacement on steroids. It gives you immense flexibility in program design.

When we developed Job Hunter Pro, we started with a core philosophy for our customers. That philosophy is "Don't pay for what you don't need." We provide superior content, outstanding service, and the industry's best value by delivering relevant outplacement. We do not include things that provide no real value to the end user. When you view our demo, you'll see what we mean.

There are significant economies and ROI associated with virtual outplacement. Even large volumes of employees, such as seasonal employees in the retail sector, can now benefit. This amazing transformation enables employers to demonstrate socially responsible support of their employees while also benefiting themselves. It's a win-win situation.